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2011 NFL Draft Profile: Brian Duncan

Height: 6-1

Weight: 248lbs

PROS: Has good size for the linebacker position. Very versatile player who has played both linebacker and defensive end. Became somewhat of a sack artist his final season. Very good blitzer from all over the field. Has decent speed for his size. Good leadership ability and known as a heady player and strong locker room guy. Tackles well and can deliver a pop.

CONS: Overall speed is a concern. Doesn’t really have a position yet, will need to adjust to one at the NFL level. Could fit as a linebacker in a 3-4 scheme or even a situational pass rusher. Struggles a bit in coverage and change of direction ability isn’t great. Not a sideline to sideline linebacker.

314 215 99 25½ 3
2007 Texas Tech 69 49 20 4 0 0
2008 Texas Tech 95 61 34 ½ 1
2009 Texas Tech 87 66 21 7 0 1
2010 Texas Tech 63 39 24 12 7 1