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2011 NFL Draft Profile: Owen Marecic - Stanford, LB/FB

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Height: 6-0

Weight: 248lbs

PROS: Versatile football player who has experience at both linebacker and fullback, and played very well at both. Will be a big-time special teams stand out if nothing else at the NFL player. Is a "football player" that fans and coaches will fall in love with. Has good size for both linebacker and fullback. Excels at lead blocking and assists in pass blocking very well. Very useful as a short yardage and goal line back. Will be referred to as a "throw back player" often.

CONS: Doesn’t possess great physical abilities, athletically.  Mostly an effort player and doesn’t have a ton of experience with the football in his hands. Doesn’t offer a lot as a receiver or a runner. Mostly an effort player that coaches will love to have on the roster. Doesn't run great routes out of the backfield and overall offensive contribution is limited to protection and blocking. Plays a position that's being phased out of the modern NFL.