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Community Mock Draft- Update

Here are the participants for the Big Cat Country LIVE 2011 NFL Mock draft. We will be doing two rounds and each person gets a max of 5 minutes per selection. There will be no trades during the draft. If the 5 minute period is exceeded, I will make the selection as I see fit.

Click the jump for who has who.

We still need a few spots, I'm trying to limit it to one team per person. I'm taking the Panthers to kick things off.

Vote in the poll for the best time frame, please.

1. Carolina Panthers: Alfie

2. Denver Broncos: Thunder65

3. Buffalo Bills: kterr

4. Cincinnati Bengals:

5. Arizona Cardinals:

6. Cleveland Browns: LA jaguars fan

7. San Francisco 49ers: Jagsrok9008

8. Tennessee Titans: Frank Dubz

9. Dallas Cowboys:

10. Washington Redskins:

11. Houston Texans: UGAjag

12. Minnesota Vikings:

13. Detroit Lions: NorthLeft12

14. St. Louis Rams: JPQ!

15. Miami Dolphins: Brian Levenson

16. Jacksonville Jaguars: Joe Fisher

17. New England Patriots: Vicbow

18. San Diego Chargers: CaliforniaJag

19. New York Giants: Dave Melroy

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

21. Kansas City Chiefs:

22. Indianapolis Colts: cuffs007

23. Philadelphia Eagles: mjdJag

24. New Orleans Saints: theMAGICman

25. Seattle Seahawks: MentalVelocity

26. Baltimore Ravens: Mullayo

27. Atlanta Falcons: ChrisWilson

28. New England Patriots: Vicbow

29. Chicago Bears: tiquanunderwear

30. New York Jets: JagNole87

31. Pittsburgh Steelers:

32. Green Bay Packers: Ewdtrey

Oakland Raiders: Dawool Huh