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2011 NFL Draft Profile: Colin McCarthy - Miami(FL), LB

Height: 6-1

Weight: 238lbs

PROS: Good size for an NFL linebacker. Very good tackler who wraps up well and doesn’t often have tackles broken. Very hard worker who makes a lot of plays on second effort. Scrapes through garbage well and can get down the line of scrimmage. Has a lot of experience blitzing up the middle of the defense. Has put up excellent production when healthy. Known as a leader on the field and has pretty good natural instincts.

CONS: Despite showing good numbers at the NFL Combine, that athleticism doesn’t always show up on the field. Struggles at times to breakdown in the open field and make the tackle. Lets blockers get into his pads and can get washed out of plays. Will get fooled by misdirection and struggles a bit in coverage, may only be a 2-down player at the next level. Likely limited to playing only the middle linebacker spot.