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2011 NFL Draft Profile: Korey Lindsey-Woods - SIU, CB

5083979_medium Height: 6-0

Weight: 190lbs

PROS: Has good length for the cornerback position. Has a nose for the football with 14 career interceptions, including 12 interceptions in his final 2 seasons at Southern Illinois. Has very good instincts and prepares for games well. Has good hips and changes direction well, plays very fluid. Very physical player.

CONS: Still a bit raw as a player and will need some good coaching on his technique. Will need to add some bulk to his frame. Can get handled by bigger receivers and will get blocked out in the running game too often. Doesn’t wrap up well and more of a hitter than an actual tackler. Can give up yards after the catch at times and will need to work on zone coverage skills.