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2011 NFL Draft Profile: Mark Herzlich - Boston College, LB

Height: 6-4

Weight: 244lbs

PROS: Fantastic size for the linebacker position. Very intense football player who plays with passion and will inspire his teammates. Is a natural leader on the field. Offers versatility scheme wise, can fit in both the 3-4 and a 4-3 scheme. Prior to his battle with bone cancer was on a fantastic rise in production and looked at as a possible Top 20 NFL draft pick. Doesn’t miss many tackles, wraps up well, and does a nice job of breaking down in the open field. Generally plays technically sound and keeps his assignments and gaps.

CONS: Still recovering from a rare form of bone cancer. His story will be focused on more than his actual ability. Still hasn’t returned to his old form and still getting back his football legs, could be a steal for a team who can be patient. Tackles too high at times and did not run well at all at the NFL Combine. Will struggle at the next level in deep zone coverage