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2011 NFL Draft Profile: Dwayne Harris - ECU, WR

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Height: 5-10

Weight: 203lbs

PROS: Very good and reliable hands, doesn’t drop very many passes. Was a clutch player on ECU and often the target on third downs. Very good route runner who works the middle of the football field. Elusive in the open field and offers a lot with yards after the catch and as a kick returner. Has experience as the "quarterback" in a "wildcat" offensive formation. Smart player who knows how to get open and squat in zones.

CONS: Timed faster than most expected at the NFL Combine, but isn’t necessarily fast. More of a possession receiver who will do his damage in the 10-yard route range. Isn’t a great leaper. Might be limited to the slot due to his lack of height.  Pick up a lot of his yardage after the catch. Measurables leave a lot to be desired, but he's just one of those players who moves the chains and produces.