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2011 NFL Draft Profile: Tyrod Taylor - Virginia Tech, QB

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Height: 6-0

Weight: 217lbs

PROS: Production at Virginia Tech increased each season. Fantastic athlete at the quarterback position who can make a lot of plays with his legs and improvise when things break down. Has a very good arm that can make all of the throws. Throwing mechanics are sound with an over the top throwing motion. Makes a lot of big plays with both his arms and legs. Had a strong showing at quarterback at the East West Shrine game. Looked the most consistent the entire week of practice.

CONS: Struggles with his accuracy throwing down the football field. Overall height will be a problem at the NFL level. At times will rely too much on his legs and take off when it isn’t necessary. Can lock on to a receiver at times and stare them down. Played in a spread offense that didn’t require a lot of reads. Tended to make some boneheaded plays in big spots during his career.  Makes too many mistakes, but most of the mistakes are from trying to force a play. Some will note he should think about a position switch, but his best bet is sticking as a potential long-term back up quarterback option.