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2011 NFL Draft Profile: DeMarco Murray - Oklahoma, RB


Height: 6-1

Weight: 213lbs

PROS: Great overall athlete with very good speed. Very quick in the open field with good balance when he runs. Very good receiver out of the backfield and often lined up at the wide receiver position. Can return punts and kicks, will find a home on a team just for his versatility alone. Is a homerun threat with the ball in his hands when he's in space.

CONS: Runs too upright, which could be the cause for his injuries in his college career. Leaves the ball exposed and could leave to some fumbling issues. Doesn’t push a pile and doesn’t really run with much power and gets taken down rather easily. Bounces to the outside too often and doesn’t seem to like to run between the tackles. Is a liability is pass blocking. Had a really poor showing in the Senior Bowl practice in blocking drills, constantly getting beat and pushed back by much smaller linebackers.