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2011 NFL Draft Profile: Nathan Enderle - Idaho, QB

Height: 6-4

Weight: 240lbs

PROS: Perfect size for the position, prototypical size for what teams look for in a pocket passer. Accurate in the short and intermediate areas. Very high football IQ, called almost all of the offensive plays at the line of scrimmage. Works the middle of the field well, played in a pro-style offense, and took snaps from under center. Could be a high value developmental quarterback prospect.

CONS: Despite his size and frame, his arm is just mediocre. When faced BCS level competition, he was beyond awful. His throwing motion will need to be cleaned up a bit and can telegraph his passes, especially on deep throws. Trusts his arm more than he should and makes a lot of mental errors, turns the ball over more than you’d like.

779 1427 54.6 10084 7.1 74-60
2007 Idaho 132 298 44.3 1787 6.0 10/18
2008 Idaho 184 339 54.3 2077 6.1 20/17
2009 Idaho 192 312 61.5 2906 9.3 22/9
2010 Idaho 271 478 56.7 3314 6.9 22/16