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Fran Tarkenton Wants to Help

Today, we're taking a step away from "Jaguars' Greatest Games." I wanted to give some credit to a former player that would seem to fighting for the fans amongst the current CBA issues. That player, of course, is Fran Tarkenton. According to Mike Florio of "Pro Football Talk," Tarkenton is throwing his weight around in an effort to produce a new CBA between the NFL and the NFLPA.

Tarkenton isn't the only player making a push to get a new CBA, but he drives home the underlying point in all of this. There has to be an NFL season in 2011. That's all there is to it. Tarkenton brings that "we will get it done" attitude to the table, and his input, in my humble opinion, is very helpful.

Tarkenton's comments only amp up pressure on the two sides to at the very least come back to the negotiating table. Goodell and Smith haven't met for formal negotiations since the NFLPA decertified as an union, and the NFL owners subsequently locked the players out of all team facilities. The decertification is still pending a court date. Should the decertification be voided by the courts, the NFLPA would have little choice but to come back to the table.

Tarkenton has even went as far as reaching out to fans (and also any important decision makers who will listen) via Youtube. For those of you who are curious, you can watch his video here. In his video, Tarkenton asks the two sides to come back together and get the current labor situation resolved as quickly as possible without the courts.

I have never been a huge Fran Tarkenton fan. He was very outspoken against Brett Favre going to Minnesota, and I didn't think that was his place, but he is speaking his mind. I admire his candid opinions and thoughts. The best part is that he isn't derogatory in his rhetoric, but he is critical. Leaders of the NFL and NFLPA could learn a lot from Mr. Tarkenton. I with Mr. Tarkenton, who will join us?