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Jacksonville Jaguars News 3/29

We'll try every day to give you guys the news on the Jacksonville Jaguars around the internet. It's the off-season for us, so any and all Jaguars information is going to be at a premium. But as you know, you can find everything you need on Big Cat Country. I have no shame.

Fred Taylor thinks he can play two more years | ProFootballTalk
When the Patriots' season came to an end, Fred Taylor sounded like a man who was ready to call it quits. But that's not necessarily the case. The 35-year-old Taylor told Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union that he may play in the NFL in 2011, and he thinks he actually has two more years left...

Gene Smith tendencies: Age is just a number? | March
Danny Watkins is arguably the best interior lineman prospect in this year's draft. His performance during Senior Bowl week was nothing less than dominant and he showed the raw ability to get even better in the NFL. So why isn't he considered a first round prospect? He's going to turn 27 this November.


You can't draft scared | March
A recent discussion in the comments on a Big Cat Country post written by Alfie Crow started the topic of drafting scared. I have been an advocate of drafting Florida State's quarterback Christian Ponder, as has Crow. Where we differ, though, is where in the draft order the Jaguars should select Ponder.


Jags owner thinks league will win April 6 hearing | ProFootballTalk
We've sensed over the past week a strong reluctance by the NFL to engage the players in settlement talks, and we think it flows from a sudden and strong sense of confidence that the owners will prevail in the April 6 hearing on the motion to lift the lockout while the Brady antitrust case unfolds.

Veto power... - Notebook on
Sometimes, you have to buck public opinion. And sometimes, you even have to change your mind while doing so.

Warming to the idea a bit - The O-Zone on
Ah, a new week. A fresh start. A fresh attitude. Less anger in the in-box. It’s spring again. Let’s get to it . .