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The Art of Trading Down

Since it's getting to that time of year, I wanted to explore to potential scenarios in which the Jacksonville Jaguars could trade down in the 2011 NFL Draft. Seemingly every year, a large crop of fans want the team to trade down and acquire more picks. That's the ideal situation, but it's not simple. I also can't seem to pinpoint a situation where Gene Smith has traded down in his short tenure as the general manager, but he's attributed with being a guy who likes to trade down.

Trading down requires first and foremost a team that wants to trade up. So, who could trade up in the 2011 NFL draft that the Jaguars could potentially make a deal with?

Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles for me is the Jacksonville Jaguars most ideal trade-down scenario. For instance, if the Jaguars do intend to target a quarterback with the 16th overall pick, theoretically they could drop down to the 23rd pick and still get their man. The reason why 23 makes so much sense is because it lands you before the Seattle Seahawks, who are also in the hunt for a quarterback. It also leaves you in position to grab an offensive lineman or a defensive end if they chose to go that route.

Why would the Eagles move to 16? The Eagles need an offensive tackle in the worst way. Moving to 16 would leapfrog teams like the Colts, Patriots, and Chiefs who are all in need of offensive line help.

Likely Compensation: 23rd overall pick, 3rd and 4th or 5th round pick.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs make the same sense as the Eagles for the Jaguars. It allows them to drop back and potentially still grab someone like Christian Ponder or other potential candidates that might not fit the value of 16 overall.

Why would the Chiefs move to 16? The Chiefs will be one of many teams in the hunt for an offensive tackle or potentially a 3-4 defensive lineman.

Likely Compensation: 22nd overall pick, 3rd and 4th or 5th round pick.

San Diego Chargers

The Chargers could allow the Jaguars to drop back two slots and pick up an extra draft pick while potentially still getting the player they have targeted at 16 overall.

Why would the Chargers move to 16? The Chargers have a lot of free agents in their defensive front seven. They could use a player like Cameron Jordan or J.J. Watt on their defensive line and may feel the need to leapfrog the New England Patriots who have the 17th pick.

Likely Compensation: 4th or 5th round pick.