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Community Mock Draft

We're going to do the community mock draft on 4/3.

We need to pick a time however, and fill the remaining two slots.

To the jump.

Update: All slots are filled up. I'll announce the official time on Friday.

1. Carolina Panthers: Alfie

2. Denver Broncos: Thunder65

3. Buffalo Bills: kterr

4. Cincinnati Bengals: JPon

5. Arizona Cardinals: Alfie

6. Cleveland Browns: LA jaguars fan

7. San Francisco 49ers: Jagsrok9008

8. Tennessee Titans: Frank Dubz

9. Dallas Cowboys: JPon

10. Washington Redskins: Brian

11. Houston Texans: UGAjag

12. Minnesota Vikings: duvaljag

13. Detroit Lions: NorthLeft12

14. St. Louis Rams: JPQ!

15. Miami Dolphins: Brian Levenson

16. Jacksonville Jaguars: Joe Fisher

17. New England Patriots: JPon

18. San Diego Chargers: CaliforniaJag

19. New York Giants: Dave Melroy

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Alfie

21. Kansas City Chiefs: Northleft12

22. Indianapolis Colts: cuffs007

23. Philadelphia Eagles: mjdJag

24. New Orleans Saints: theMAGICman

25. Seattle Seahawks: MentalVelocity

26. Baltimore Ravens: Mullayo

27. Atlanta Falcons: ChrisWilson

28. New England Patriots: JPon

29. Chicago Bears: tiquanunderwear

30. New York Jets: JagNole87

31. Pittsburgh Steelers: Dave Melroy

32. Green Bay Packers: Ewdtrey

Oakland Raiders: Dawool Huh