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NFL, NFLPA Contemplate Extension

Per multiple reports from all over, the NFL and NFLPA are mulling over the idea of extending the negotiating deadline. The current collective bargaining agreement expires in roughly 10 hours. Both sides are in discussions about extending the deadline of the CBA for about a week or two. According to reports, it was the NFL that extended the offer of a negotiating extension and the NFLPA is considering it. This also comes after the NFL decided to reveal some more financial data during mediation today. The NFLPA wants the NFL to demonstrate it's serious about the negotiations. If the NFLPA does not agree to an extension by around 4:00 P.M., they will file to decertify and an anti-trust lawsuit will be filed. The NFLPA must submit decertification papers before the close of the business day.

An extension of the deadline is not uncommon. In 2006, when the current CBA was negotiated, the deadline was extended multiple times.