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RFA Deadline Passes, Jaguars Tender No One

The 3:00 P.M. deadline for NFL teams to designated tenders on players as restricted free agents has come and gone and the Jacksonville Jaguars have put tenders on no one. As of now, receivers Jason Hill and Mike Sims-Walker, linebacker Justin Durant, punter Adam Podlesh, and defensive lineman Leger Douzable are effectively free agents once/if a new CBA is reached. As was pointed out, each of these players would have been 5th year free agents anyways, and their tenders likely wouldn't have been valid once a new CBA is reached. Still, that technicality did not stop other teams from around the league from "freezing" potential free agents and giving themselves sole negotiation power once free agency begins.

There have been reports that the Jaguars have expressed interest in keeping Jason Hill and Adam Podlesh, but neither have entered into any serious contract negotiations and neither was tendered with a restricted free agency tag. The fact that the Jaguars didn't feel it necessary to even place a potentially worthless tag on any of the above players gives an idea of how much they're valued by the team.