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Jaguars 2011 NFL Free Agency Potential Targets: Eric Weddle

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This is probably the most obvious to choice for any team who will need a safety in free agency, and quite a few teams will be after Weddle because the 2011 NFL Draft safety class is so poor. I'm sure Eric Weddle will be expensive, but a player at his age and caliber will be worth it. Weddle just turned 26 years old, so he is ripe for signing a long term contract and being a long-term fix at free safety for some teams. The Jaguars missed out on O.J. Atogwe and Bob Sanders, but in reality Eric Weddle is probably the best safety on the open market when it acutally opens. Currently, the San Diego Chargers placed a restricted free agent tag on Weddle, but that should be remover once a new CBA is in place, as Weddle is a 5th year free agent. Weddle would fill a long-term hole at the safety position for the Jacksonville Jaguars.