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Jaguars 2011 NFL Free Agency Potential Targets: Barrett Ruud

Currently, it looks like the Jacksonville Jaguars are going to let both Justin Durant and Kirk Morrison walk in free agency. That's two of the Jaguars starting three linebackers gone, so the Jaguars will need to add a starting caliber linebacker in more than the 2011 NFL Draft. Ruud will turn 28 this off-season, so he's also in his prime years as an NFL middle linebacker. He's proven to be durable and productive the last four seasons on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, missing only one game back in 2007 and notching 100+ tackles a season since becoming a full time starter. Ruud shouldn't cost a ton, but the feeling is Tampa Bay doesn't want to pay him. Like Eric Weddle, Ruud would fill a long-term hole on the Jacksonville Jaguars defense. He'd also be able to set up and align the defense like most middle linebackers do if the Jaguars wish to allow someone aside from Daryl Smith to do so.