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Jaguars 2011 NFL Free Agency Potential Targets: James Jones

We've had a lengthy discussion on both side already about the Jacksonville Jaguars receiver position after letting Mike Sims-Walker hit free agency. The Jaguars have a lot of potential at the position, however I think they will still target a veteran receiver in free agency to round out the group. James Jones has spent four years on the Green Bay Packers as their number 2/3 receiver caught in a logjam of talented receivers. His hands are questionable at times, but he's a receiver who can get open down the football field and break tackles. He turns 27 at the end of the month and shouldn't cost an arm and a leg in free agency. It's been reported the Jaguars are looking to add a posession wide receiver in the draft, which I expect them to find. However, rookie wide receivers generally take a season or so to make an impact at the NFL level. Jones offers a proven player to a group filled with talented, but unproven players.