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Saturday Mailbag

Rhett from Old Bridge, NJ

If you were Gene Smith, which Free Agents would you pursue?

Shane: I don't think free agency is the route to take this offseason. Prior to Thursday, I would have said Bob Sanders was worth a look, but now he's no longer an option. At this point, the Jaguars should be focused on the draft. Free Agency will be used to fill any remaining gaps after the draft is over. If you really want a name, let's talk about Ike Taylor. Unless I'm mistaken, he has yet to sign with the Steelers, and he would add great depth at CB.

Cody from Jacksonville, FL

Who do you think will the Jaguars target at QB?

Shane: That question gets more and more complicated as the draft gets closer. I like what Jake Locker has been doing since the college season ended. I think it's more likely for the Jaguars to take someone in the second round, though. I really like the way Ponder and Dalton look. They've got a Gene Smith look about them, especially Dalton.

Richard from Orlando, FL

Slippers doesn't make you a good writer

Shane: How about hats? I have lots of those too.

Armand from Jacksonville, FL

In your opinion which group on defense had the most up side line backers or secondary and which needs the most help

Shane: How about this. The secondary has the most upside, and the secondary also needs the most help. Cox and Greene showed some significant progression last season, especially Cox. The linebackers certainly need help with the passing game, but Durant has that motor we're always looking for, and Smith can play fairly well in pass defense as well as run defense. The Jaguars clearly need a quality FS, and they also have to be thinking about getting a replacement for Mathis at some point. Mathis' time isn't here yet, but it's coming, and Gene Smith seems to be proactive in these types of situations.

Blake from Jacksonville, FL

Can you give a quick runthrough of the roster as you see it?

Shane: It's been well documented that the Jaguars need a developmental quarterback, a FS, and linebackers. Now, we could probably add WR to that list as well.

Cory from Utica, NY

One thank u for answering my question and 2 what do u think about mjds knee will he be 100 percent by the season time cause not playing the last 2 games killed me I mean don't get me wrong I like jennings but not haveing our starter in thos games bummed me out.

Shane: You are also the first repeat questioner for this mailbag. MJD should be fine next season. He has the whole off-season to get healthy. We'll see what he can really do next season.