Cam Jordan Vs Ryan Kerrigan?

A lot of post Combine mocks have Cam Jordan slipping and us picking Ryan Kerrigan and New England pouncing on Jordan with glee. Is it  just me or isn't Cam Jordan a better player/pick fullstop?

The rationale for the raft of Ryan love is Kerrigan is a Gene Smith player to a tee.Four-year student, three-year-starter, team captain, high character kid, could run for Governor in a decade or so...etc.

However, Jordan is no slouch as a person. He's a three-year starter. Team captain.  Dad was a decade in the league as a TE. No character concerns I know about. Great Senior Bowl.

Don't get me wrong. I'm much higher on Kerrigan since the Combine where he made up a lot of ground on Jordan but to me Jordan is an elite talent and athlete while Kerrigan is a tryer.  Kerrigan put on 12lb and carried it well but may be maxed out. Jordan still has a natural 20lb advantage and arm length.

While Kerrigan's blue-collar work ethic is admirable and I believe will make him a longterm starter somewhere. I have heard him compared to Chris Long but mentally I see a lot of Kampman in him. However I'd rather have a Freeney or Peppers than either of them.

Latest Stats.

Cameron Jordan: California-6ft4in- 287lb- 4.71secs- Bench 25-Vert 31- Arms-35in

Ryan Kerrigan: Purdue-6ft4in-267lb-4.67secs-Bench31-Vert31-Arms-33.3/8in

What do you guys think? I'd take Jordan in a heartbeat as I have always have been high on him.

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