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2011 NFL Draft Profile: Jonathan Baldwin

Alfie's Player Ranking 34 out of 100
Projected Round: 1-2

Today continues my countdown to the Top 100 draftable players of the 2011 NFL Draft. We move on to my 34th ranked player, Pittsburgh wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin.

Height: 6-4

Weight: 228lbs

PROS: Big hands and long arms even for his size. Very good combination of size and speed. Speed is deceptive because he’s a long strider, but he can get down the field. He’s also not afraid to use his size and work the middle of the football field. Good hands and doesn’t often drop passes. Good use of a stiff arm and hard to tackle one on one.

CONS: Not a great route runner and slows in his breaks and cuts. Has a rep for playing lazy and not coming back to the football to help out his quarterback. Inconsistent performer. Had a disorderly conduct charge in 2009. Despite his size has trouble getting jammed and off the line at times.

TOTALS 128 2337 18.3 79 16
2008 Pittsburgh 18 404 22.4 60 3
2009 Pittsburgh 57 1111 19.5 79 8
2010 Pittsburgh 53 822 15.5 61 5