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2011 NFL Draft Profile: Christian Ponder

Alfie's Player Ranking 26 out of 100
Projected Round: 1-2

Today continues my countdown to the Top 100 draftable players of the 2011 NFL Draft. We move on to my 26th ranked player, Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder.

Height: 6-2

Weight: 229lbs

PROS: Good leader on and off the field, his teammates love him. Tough kid that takes hits and gets back up. Played through an elbow/forearm injury his whole senior season. Does a really good job working in the middle of the football field. Could hit plays deep down the field prior to his arm injury in 2009 and 2010. Can make plays with his feet and pick up chunks of yardage. Smart player with very good athleticism.

CONS: Health will be a major concern heading to the draft. His arm was not a question before the 2010 season, but playing injured and the Senior Bowl week raised some concerns he’s not healthy. Can float the football at times down the football field. Play since his shoulder injury in 2009 has been inconsistent. Played with a group of poor receivers and would tend to focus on who was having the best day.

TOTALS   596 965 61.8 6872 7.1 49/30
2007 FSU   8 18 44.4 105 5.8 1/2
2008 FSU   177 318 55.7 2006 6.3 14/13
2009 FSU   227 330 68.8 2717 8.2 14/7
2010 FSU   184 299 61.5 2044 6.8 20/8