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Reading Way Too Much Into Things & Ridiculous Scenarios

Because I am insanely bored and don't feel like writing about run of the mill draft stuff right now, I wanted to drop this on everyone. The other day in a chat with the fans, it was noted that the Jacksonville Jaguars are amidst a 4-year rebuilding project. This we all knew. Wayne Weaver said during the fan chat that he felt the team was a year or two away from competing at the highest level.

"We are realistically one or two drafts and one or two free agency periods away from being able to compete at the very highest level," Weaver wrote. "That’s when we can realistically getting [sic] into the postseason and having [sic] the opportunity to bringing [sic once again] a Super Bowl championship to Jacksonville."

Tin foil hat, engaged.

I saw a Jaguars fan on twitter talking about the four year plan, and mentioned why not see what you can get for David Garrard? While that sounds crazy... I want to jump on the crazy train.

Hear me out.

A team like the Minnesota Vikings is a team who's speculated to be interested in a quarterback in the 2011 NFL Draft. They're also speculated to be very interested in current Washington Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb. Reportedly, the Redskins are going to ask for around a 3rd Round pick for McNabb. If the Jaguars truly feel they are another 2 drafts and free agency periods away, why not see if you can enter the "Minnesota needs a veteran QB" race? For the 2011 NFL season, McNabb is due a cool $1.75 million (plus a $10 million option bonus). Comparatively, David Garrard is due $7.975 million in 2011, about $4 million cheaper than McNabb. I would also argue at this point in their career's, Garrard is probably the better option.

If you could get a 3rd, even a conditional 4th round pick for David Garrard... would you do it?

So, if the Jaguars are at least two off-season's out of competing at the highest level (when Garrard would be turning 35) wouldn't it make sense to get that quarterback of the future? By the 2013 season (after the 2 off-seasons), that quarterback would be hitting their 3rd season and ideally would be on the rise and poised to be playing at a high level. Not only would you be rightfully primed to be competing at that level, but you'd also be primed to stay at that level in the long run with your quarterback already entrenched. Doesn't the owner of the team saying he feels they're about 2 seasons out of competing at the highest level indicate a quarterback at 16 is a real possibility? Or does it say they're set with Garrard and plan on riding him out?

Obviously, a move like such would be poo-poo'ed say on draft day, because a move like that says "We're not expecting to compete this season." However, what if a move like this was made at the end of the pre-season, after a lengthy training camp battle with a rookie quarterback and Luke McCown?

I don't know. I thought it was something to consider. Like the title says, Reading Way Too Much Into Things & Ridiculous Scenarios.