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SBNation's 2011 NFL Mock Draft Goes Two Rounds: Who do the Jaguars get?

If you could promise me the draft would fall like this for the Jacksonville Jaguars, I would happily sign up for it. Brian Galliford of put out his new 2011 NFL Mock Draft on the SBNation main page. I think it address two "needs" for the Jaguars while blending nicely with best available player.

Click the jump to find out who the Jaguars wound up with.

In the first round, Galliford has three quaterbacks going in the Top 10, so who does he have for the Jaguars at pick 16?

16. Jacksonville Jaguars: Cameron Jordan, DE, California. Terrific value for the draft's most versatile defender, and it fills a Jags need, too.

Jordan addresses a need and also would be viewed as a "BAP" draft pick. As Galliford notes, Jordan's schematic versatillity makes him a very valueable player.

After pick 16, Galliford has three more quarterbacks getting picked up before the Jaguars second round pick at 49th overall. That makes a total of six guys drafted, but the Jaguars do wind up with a player in the NFL Mock Draft Round 2 who is reportedly the No. 1 QB on a lot of teams boards, and has been officially invited to attend the NFL Draft next week.

49. Jacksonville Jaguars: Colin Kaepernick, QB, Nevada. Kaepernick has the intangibles that the Jaguars covet, and David Garrard affords him time to realize his immense potential.

As I said in the beginning, if you could guarantee me this is how the draft would play out... I'd take it.

How would you grade the Jaguars picks?