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Forbes Ranks Jacksonville 19th Out of 20 "Most Miserable Cities"... Cites The Jaguars As A Main Reason??

Forbes apparently came out with their list of the 20 Most Miserable Cities in America list. Andrew Mallory hipped me to this list on Twitter, of which Jacksonville is listed. Out of 20 miserable US cities, Jacksonville ranks 19th on the list.

So, what is the reasoning for putting Jacksonville 19th...

In addition to high crime and foreclosures, Jacksonville's lone pro sports team has caused residents misery. The NFL's Jaguars have just one playoff win the past decade. Fans lashed out at owner Wayne Weaver when he announced that coach Jack Del Rio would be back in 2011 for a ninth season.

So, apparently the Jacksonville Jaguars are what cause this town so much misery, not the foreclosure or the crime rate... but the cities "lone" pro sports team. I guess the Jacksonville Suns (back to back Champions in '09 and '10) and the Jacksonville Sharks AFL football team don't count as "pro" sports? Maybe they should have said "major sports."

Hey, at least we're better than Fort Lauderdale and Miami...