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BCC Community Mock: Patriots Select RB Mark Ingram

With the 28th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the New England Patriots select....

Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama

I have serious doubts that the Pats stay put at this spot next Thursday, as most are predicting a "fire sale" on picks 25-32 with the teams in the top to mid half of the second round jockeying to come up to get their quarterback they passed on earlier. No team is more apt to strike a deal with some poor QB-needy team than New England and this may even be a spot where the Jags make their move for a QB should they pass on one at 16, as we all know New England has been willing to deal with GM Gene Smith before. Since there are no options for a trade here and/or assuming they stay put, the Patriots take the number one rated running back and former Heisman Trophy winnner in Mark Ingram, and fill a void that has seemingly been vacant since Corey Dillon retired. It was brutally obvious to most who watched the AFC Divisional game vs, New York, that Bill Bellichik would've taped Fred Taylor back together himself if he could've, in order to have some semblance of a rushing attack to counter the Jet pass rush. Taylor is at or near retirement, depending which day you ask Fred, and the only relevant option is "utility back" Danny Woodhead, who proved to be a serviceable 3rd down-type swing back and a great story to boot, but is never going to give this team the consistent threat it needs to keep the wolves off of Tom Brady. Ingram isn't going to break off many long touchdown runs, but he can be exactly what they need in short yardage situations and especially when the thermometer begins to bottom out and they need that "snow plow" back down the stretch run to wear down defenses and most importantly, keep Brady's jersey clean.

Pick made by: Jpon

The Chicago Bears are now on the clock.

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