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Pete Prisco's Top 50 NFL Players: Only One Jaguars Player

Getty Images Pete Prisco released his Top 50 NFL Players list that he does every off-season. Prisco is eventually listing all top 100 NFL players, but he starts with the top 50. In the top 50 in the entire NFL, the Jacksonville Jaguars ranked in with just a single player.

37. Maurice Jones-Drew, RB, Jacksonville Jaguars: He fought through a knee injury for all of 2010, an injury that ended his season with two games left. He had surgery to fix the problem after the season and is expected to be fine this summer.

It's not surprising Jones-Drew was the only player ranked in the Top 50. I'm not sure I could legitimately argue another player in there. Marcedes Lewis might be the only one with a legitimate argument, but even then it would be tough. It will be interesting to see if anymore Jaguars make it when the list of 51-100 in Prisco's Top 100 is fully revealed.