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Wednesday Sarcasm


Earlier today, Alfie pointed us to what he calls "Probably the worst idea ever." I, for one, think this is a great idea. With one of the all-around deepest quarterback drafts in the past couple of decades, it would make sense for the Jaguars to avoid the stampede created by teams picking quarterbacks left and right. Let's take a closer look at this.


In the article that is linked to above, Hays Carlyon suggests that the number one reason for not taking a quarterback this year is Andrew Luck. I think he's 100% right in this idea. Not only will the Jaguars miss the playoffs, they won't even be close. The Jaguars will scratch out one, maybe two wins in 2011. The fact of the matter is, the Jaguars will have no choice but to take Luck in 2012.

My next reason for supporting the idea of passing on a quarterback is that Byron Leftwich was the last QB taken by the Jaguars. That was back in 2003. After such a let down, I'm really not sure the Jaguars should ever draft another QB again. The reality is that the Jaguars can't afford to draft bad quarterbacks. Personally, I think Gene Smith should be in Mississippi talking to Brett Favre. I know that the CBA issue prevents this, but he should be all over Favre when free agency opens up. It's the only idea that makes sense.


The Jaguars could just take a quarterback. They aren't going to be in any position to pick Luck, and next year's number one pick will likely demand a devil's ransom. The Jaguars shouldn't pass on a quarterback this year. The Jaguars haven't picked a QB since 2003! That's way too long, and it has to end. David Garrard will be here for the immediate future, but eventually he will be replaced. I really don't know if the Jaguars have to pick a QB in the first round, but this is the year. Let's pick "the man" now so we can stop worrying about it.