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If you were a general manager, what would be your characteristics?

I was having a discussion about safe picks and such on twitter this morning with Joe Goodberry, and it got me thinking. What would be characteristics be if I were a general manager for an NFL franchise and how would I draft?

What positions would I value, what positions would I not? Would I pick safe, or would I swing for the fences?

Here's some simple rules in the draft  I'd live by if I were a general manager:

  1. If I did not have what I felt was a franchise quarterback on my roster, I'd try to get one within reason.
  2. If I were picking in the Top 10, the only positions I would consider drafting would be an offensive tackle, defensive end, quarterback, or cornerback. Exception could be made for a safety if I felt they were a special player.
  3. I would never pick a linebacker (I am counting 3-4 OLB's as a defensive end), runningback, or wide receiver in the Top 10.
  4. I would employ a 3-4 defensive scheme. It's more cost effective than a 4-3 and you have a much larger pool of players to pick and chose from.
  5. I would never draft a runningback in the first round.
  6. I would only draft quarterbacks beyond the 2nd round if I already had my franchise quarterback in place, and would draft one in some round outside of the first and 2nd every other draft.
  7. I would consistently look to begin trading down as much as possible once the 5th round started.

What would some of your rules be?