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Fans' Draft Day Strategies

Much has been made of this year's draft. That's partially because that's the only thing we have to talk about outside of the CBA issues, and frankly, that's like beating a dead horse. On the other hand, not much has been made of what we should be doing to get ready for the draft. I'll throw you some ideas, and you can toss a couple back. Let's talk about draft day strategies.

Personally, I will be spending my draft evening at Buffalo Wild Wings. It truly is a great place to watch anything related to sports. Wings, friends, and football. What's the missing item here? I'll let you figure that one out (hint: it's a liquid). This isn't the environment for everyone, however. Some people like alternative ways to watch sports.

Last year, I spent the draft evenings in a room of about four guys (2 Lions fans and a Chargers fan as well as myself). It was very fun. They relentlessly ridiculed me for the Jaguars' pick, Tyson Alualu, but they aren't laughing anymore.

Another option is to find a dark room with a TV. In this room you can enjoy a pizza, beverage of choice, and the draft by yourself. The upside is that you don't have to listen to others talk about football. The downside is that you can't talk about football with other people. This option isn't for me, but some people do enjoy it.

There are an endless amount of options for your draft day pleasure. The important things are food, drinks, and the draft itself. Everything else is up to personal preference. Let everyone know what you plan to do for the draft in the comments section, and smile, the draft is only a week away!