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Friday Thought Drop

The NFL draft is now just under a week away. We all have players that we are secretly (or not so secretly) hoping the Jaguars will draft. There have been a few happenings this week that are noteworthy, and as always, I have an opinion about them. Let's get right to it, and get this weekend started right!

I just watched a video of Nick Saban hanging up on Rich Eisen after an interview on NFL Total Access. Now that's quality entertainment.

Buffalo Wild Wings has 50 cent wings nights on both Tuesdays and Thursdays. I believe the NFL draft starts next Thursday. Hmm...

I'm beginning to think that there might be some outrage by Jaguars fans if the Jags pick Ryan Kerrigan in the 1st round. The expectation seems to be in favor of a quarterback.

There's been some rumblings that the Patriots might like Locker. If that's the case, the Jaguars could potentially trade away the 16th pick to someone that also wants Locker. The Patriots picking 17th would make Gene Smith a popular guy on draft day if that's the case.

Paul Kuharsky is wondering who the top 10 best quarterbacks are in the NFL. As expected, the responses seem to be leaning to Manning and Brady as the best two. My problem is with one response that puts Eli Manning in the 10 spot. He seems very hit or miss, and he doesn't have a lot of consistency. To be in the top 10, you need FULL CONSISTENCY.

The comment about FULL CONSISTENCY above was a joke. That's not a requirement. It was another attempt at sarcasm on my part.

The Jaguars don't have a top tier QB, but the backups on the team are rather good for backups. Trent Edwards and Luke McCown are both solid second options. I do expect Edwards to be released before the start of the season if the Jaguars pick a quarterback in the draft, though.

I'm all out of thoughts for today. Have a great weekend everyone!