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Judge Nelson's Ruling Could Come Soon, Likely Today

Judge Nelson's ruling in the lockout case is very likely going to come sometime this morning. The feeling right now is that Judge Nelson will rule in favor of the players and lift the lockout. How the lockout is lifted however, is the big question. Judge Nelson could lift the lockout and free agency would immediately occur or Nelson can lift the lockout with a "stay" in place, which would mean status quo for right now.

If Nelson rules the way of lifting the lockout without a stay, the NFL is likely going to immediately file to the appelate court to induce a "stay" while the trial runs through appeals. After that, the next big hurdle will be the TV money case, which will be tried in May, then surely appealed.

After all of that is done however... maybe we'll finally negotiate for real and have a new CBA so we can get on with the 2011 NFL Season.