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Marcedes Lewis Could Be A Free Agent... Technically.

With Judge Nelson's ruling of lifting the lockout and the widespread belief that she wrote the injunction to survive appellate court, it's likely that an appeal will not grant a "stay" on the lockout. If a stay were to be granted, it would mean the lockout would remain in place during the appeal process. That being said, as of right now the league is "technically" open for business. Technically, teams should be able to make trades and sign players.

What that also means is, players like Marcedes Lewis could technically be free agents. Despite the fact the Jacksonville Jaguars placed the franchise tag on Lewis, depending on the rules set in place in the next few days, the franchise tag could be non-existant. Restricted free agent tags could be non-existant. I'd lean towards all tags to become null and void. Why? The players would have to agree to their use, and right now I don't think the players are going to concede anything to the owners while they have the league on the ropes.

Some food for thought.