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Judge Nelson Ruling Could Cause Whirlwind Before The Draft

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With the ruling by Judge Nelson on lifting the lockout, it could cause utter chaos prior to the 2011 NFL Draft. As of right now, the lockout is lifted and the NFL should be open for business. Teams however, are treading lightly on what they should do before the draft. Technically teams should be able to sign free agents and trade players right now. It could have major draft day implications.

Previous, trading in the 2011 NFL Draft seemed like it would be a tedious exercise, with only current and future draft picks available for trading. Right now however, NFL teams should be able to send players for picks. For example, the Washington Redskins should be able to trade Donovan McNabb to the Minnesota Vikings. The Philadelphia Eagles should be able to trade quarterback Kevin Kolb to someone like the Arizona Cardinals. The NFL obviously filed for a petition of stay to the 8th circuit court last night, but many feel the way Judge Nelson ruled and the fact that she did not impose a stay until appeals are done lead many to believe a stay won't be granted and the NFL is currently open for business.

Draft day trades might have just gotten real.

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