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Jaguars will Pick 16th in 2011 NFL Draft

The 2011 NFL Draft will begin Thursday night, and the Jaguars currently hold the 16th pick of the draft. The Jaguars, along with many other teams, may be looking to trade up or down in the draft order to fit their picks to the guys they want. With the current lockout situation, it is possible that the Jaguars could trade players for picks, but that's all just speculation at this point.

Along with the 16th pick of the draft the Jaguars have six other draft picks (2 fourth round picks and no seventh round picks). The are scheduled to have the 16th, 49th, 80th, 114th, 121st, 147th, and 182nd picks of the draft for a total of seven picks. For your reference, here's a link to the entire 2011 draft order.

It is likely that the Jaguars will use some of their later picks to move around in the draft to pick the players they want. The Jaguars may want to trade down in the 1st round for a quarterback, or they could trade up in the 2nd round for the guy they want.

If teams are allowed to trade players as well, trades will be much more liquid, and more trades would likely happen. The key for teams that want to move is not letting the world know their intentions. If we consider bargaining, the team that is able to walk away, will get the best deal. So, if a team seems desperate to move around in the draft, they won't be able to strike good deals with other teams, and their draft outlook will suffer as a result.

I fully expect the Jaguars to trade around at some point in the draft. I also expect a quarterback to be taken by the Jaguars in the first round. We have two days left until the draft. I'm ready for it; are you?