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David Garrard Doesn't Make ESPN's QB Power Rankings

If you follow Paul Kuharsky or any of the ESPN divisional blogs, you'd know they're "power ranking" each position in the NFL with a scoring system. Both Marcedes Lewis and Maurice Jones-Drew made the Top 10 at their respective positions. In the category of quarterback however, David Garrard fell short and didn't make anyone's Top 10.

Honestly though, that shouldn't really be a shocker to anyone. I'm not sure anyone would argue he was Top 10 at his position. Fourteen total quarterbacks received votes, including AFC South quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Matt Schaub.

You can read the full write-up of the rankings here and then go check out how Paul Kuharsky devised his list. I'm sure there are a couple of quarterbacks on Paul's list many of you would disagree with and argue Garrard is better than. I'm not sure I'd put Matt Cassel in my Top 10, though. Would you?