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NFL Draft Rumors: Falcons, Buccaneers, Steelers looking to trade.

So, it's the day before the draft so that means that NFL Draft rumors are going to run rampant in the next 24 hours. I'll try to key on some that I think are actually noteworthy and could have an effect on the Jacksonville Jaguars pick. Most of these rumors however, are just that: rumors. You'd laugh at the amount of "anonymous tips" I get about the Jaguars draft plans this week. Maybe after the draft I'll post some of them.

Anyways, here's some noteworthy items that could effect the Jaguars.

Peter King of SI claims that the Atlanta Falcons may try to trade up in the draft for a wide receiver. The targets for the Atlanta Falcons are obviously Julio Jones and A.J. Green. The Falcons would likely need to give up the farm for A.J. Green, but someone like Julio Jones is a realistic shot, as the Falcons would likely just need to leapfrog the St. Louis Rams at pick 14. That doesn't effect the Jaguars too much, but another need for the Falcons is a defensive end and they could look to jump into the mid-teens to get one of the top tier defensive ends. Depending on if Gene Smith is targeting a quarterback in Round 1, it could be beneficial for the Jaguars to be in play there.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik was on the Pete Prisco show yesterday afternoon and mentioned they're not afraid to move around in the first round to get who they have targeted. A few minutes after making that comment, he mentioned that he'd been on the phone with Jaguars general manager Gene Smith earlier in the week. Reading way too much into it, it could be setup for a draft day trade if a certain player falls to pick 16. Gene Smith has also mentioned their looking to move around in the draft, up or down.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are rumored to want to pair up Maurkice Pouncey with his twin brother Mike Pouncey. The Steelers currently have the 31st overall pick, so in order to make that a reality they'd need to move up into the mid-teens. It's likely they'd have to get ahead of the Miami Dolphins at pick 15, but he could potentially be available at pick 16 as well. A trade like that, coming from 30 to 16, could net the Jaguars potentially an extra second round pick, but likely a 3rd round pick and potentially a later pick. The Steelers don't really strike me as the type of team who trades up, however.

SBNation will keep you up to date on all the rumors heading into tomorrow night. You can follow SBNation's NFL Draft coverage here.