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Wednesday Thought Drop

I know, it's not Friday, but I think I might have something more in-depth to talk about on Friday this week, so; this week I'm moving up the "Thought Drop" to Wednesday. With that little aside, let's get to it.

I don't think there's going to be a run on quarterbacks like many mock drafts predict. That being the case, I do expect the Jaguars to pick a quarterback in the first round.

With the possibility of a quarterback being taken in the first round by the Jaguars, you can bet that I'll be glued to my seat when it's the Jaguars' turn to pick.

I've been reading that the Texans may want to move up to the 2nd pick of the draft. Keep an eye on that, and you can bet it would be an expensive move.

I don't think many people believe Cam Newton is the best player in the draft, but most people, myself included, seem to think he'll be going to the Panthers as the first pick of the draft.

The Jaguars should have a good opportunity to address their defensive line needs in the draft. Whether it's in the first, second, or third round has yet to be seen.

The Jaguars picking 16th may actually be a blessing in disguise. If they do decide to pick a QB, they should have their choice of Kaepernick, Ponder, and possibly Locker.

I'm thrilled that the draft is finally almost here. This is the best few days of the off-season, and I'm really looking forward to covering it. I'm going to go write up a mock draft now, so; have a great day, and come back tomorrow night!