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The Blaine Gabbert era in Jacksonville is going to begin sometime in the future. We don't know for sure yet how soon that future as the Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback will be, but it's going to happen. Since it's going to happen, I feel like we all should have a talk. One of those grown up type talks that's kind of awkward that no one wants to do, but it needs to happen.

When the Blaine Gabbert era does start though...

We need to all embrace the pick. The Jacksonville Jaguars fanbase has been meddled in quarterback rifts and spats since Byron Leftwich was drafted in 2003. He was brought in with the new regime change and Mark Brunell was quickly ushered out the door. This rubbed a lot of the "old guard" Jaguars fans the wrong way and the rift began. There were a clump of fans who like Leftwich (I was in that clump) and there was a clump of fans who were miffed Brunell was ushered out. That clump of Brunell fans morphed into a clump of David Garrard fans when he began getting playing time during Leftwich's injuries. It began to cause a massive rift in the fanbase. That rift still exists a bit today, but it's dying.

I have an idea.

Let's all be Blaine Gabbert fans. It's going to get ugly and awkward at the quarterback position in the next 3-4 months while the front office and coaching staff figure out if they want Gabbert to sit while Garrard plays out 2011 or not.

But... Let's all be Blaine Gabbert fans. We don't need to go through this again.