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NFL Draft 2011: Updated Draft Order

The draft order heading into day 2 always seems to get a bit murky with all the trades and movement. Then you have all compensatory draft picks, which are tough to follow if your team doesn't have any, like the Jacksonville Jaguars. Chris Gates was kind enough to put together the most current 2011 NFL Draft Order, including all of the trades and such that occurred. The Jaguars started the 2011 NFL Draft with 7 total draft picks. After rounds 1, 2, and 3 they're down to 5 total draft picks with only 3 left. The Jaguars maneuvered around in the first and second round to get quarterback Blaine Gabbert and offensive lineman Will Rackley with their first two picks.

So, what picks do the Jaguars have left?

Round Four: Pick 114, Pick 121

Round Five: Pick 147

That's it. Just three more draft picks as it stands. I wouldn't be surprised however to see the Jaguars move around some more in the back end of the draft.