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BCC Community Mock: Texans Select - LB Robert Quinn

With the eleventh pick in the BCC mock draft the Houston Texans select: Robert Quinn DE - North Carolina.

This was an interesting pick to make. The Texans have several needs to fill including DE, LB, S, CB, and NT. There were several players on my board who I didn't think would be here at 11, which opened up my pool of available players. My choices were J.J. Watt, Julio Jones, Robert Quinn, and Cameron Jordan. I almost selected Julio Jones. Could you imagine the offensive powerhouse that would would be the Texans if they were starting Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson, Julio Jones and Arian Foster.

That being said, with Wade Philips coming in to run the defense and installing their new 3-4 scheme the Texans will need an outside rusher to get to the quarterback. Quinn would be a perfect fit.

Pick made by: UGAJAG

The Minnesota Vikings are now on the clock.

11. Robert Quinn
10. A.J. Green
9. Tyron Smith
8. Blaine Gabbert
7. Prince Amukamara
6. Da'Quan Bowers
5. Von Miller
4. Nick Fairley
3. Patrick Peterson
2. Marcell Dareus
1. Cam Newton