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BCC Community Mock: Vikings select Julio Jones, WR, Alabama

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With the 12th pick in the BCC Mock Draft the Minnesota Vikings select Julio Jones, WR, Alabama.

With Sidney Rice heading for free agency, the Vikings officially weapons at receiver. Jones is huge and would be a great target for whatever the heck quarterback they end up using in 2011. Jones fills both a need and the best available player philosophy, so he's a perfect fit for Minnesota.

Pick made by: CaliforniaJag

The Detroit Lions are now on the clock.

12. Julio Jones
11. Robert Quinn
10. A.J. Green
9. Tyron Smith
8. Blaine Gabbert
7. Prince Amukamara
6. Da'Quan Bowers
5. Von Miller
4. Nick Fairley
3. Patrick Peterson
2. Marcell Dareus
1. Cam Newton