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BCC Community Draft: Dolphins select... Mike Pouncey

With the 15th pick, the Dolphins would like to trade down please. Oh, they can't in this draft? Ok, well they have other options like... Seriously, can the Dolphins trade down?

This is a really difficult. The Dolphins don't have a pick in the second round, and would absolutely love to trade back to about 25 and add a 2nd round pick. Their needs are MLB, C/G, WR, RB and (some would say) at QB, you know, basically every position that gets drafted in the 20s or so and QB. Their D-line is absolutely stacked, and they like their OLB pass rushers enough to take any D-linemen off the board. The top two receivers are gone and Torrey Smith doesn't have the Randy Moss kind of look, I'm not a big fan of Akeem Ayers, Pouncey would be a reach (even if I did like him) and the only guy who makes the least bit of sense here is either a QB or the easy pick: Mark Ingram

I did some homework, trying to get a feel for how Dolphins fans feel about Ingram. About half of em say yes, the rest of them say 1) there's better value later in the draft, 2) he doesn't have elite speed and 3) RB is a Free-agency position. Three pretty strong arguments in my opinion. Ultimately I have to find the best intersection of value and need, and I think that player is Mike Pouncey. More explanation below the jump.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are now on the clock with the #16 overall pick.

I'm on team Henne. If the needs on the team are supposedly RB, WR, and C/G, how is a QB supposed to succeed? Answer: He's not. I think Henne has a pro arm and had trouble last year due to bad protection and a weak surrounding cast. A first round QB feels wrong to me. I can see this team getting fleeced come draft time, because I don't really see any good option for them picking at 15. They will be almost desperate to get down in the first round.


Aldon Smith as a OLB pass rusher sounds good, but the Dolphins D was top ten last year and the offense let them down a lot. Maybe they do take Smith, maybe they take a tackle like Anthony Castonzo. I don't know, those would be the unexpected choices, and I'm not gonna make any of those.

Mike Pouncey is is a strong option here. Their O-line is a big weakness. If Pouncey was as good as his brother, he'd be the choice no question. But he's not quite as good. I watched the Gators some last year, that offense was dysfunctional. I think Maurkice had 3 bad, fumbled snaps at Center in one game. He did great at guard in '09 though, and while I think Mark Ingram is the better player, I think O-line is a more important position for a running team. Sounds crazy I know, but you can't run the ball if your guys aren't opening holes. Honestly, IMO, any pick made at this spot will be a reach.

That's why after much thought, and with a lot of hesitance, the Dolphins reach for select Maurkice Pouncey, G/C from University of Florida.

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