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BCC Community Mock: Individual inteligence vs. the mob mentality.

Well, the BCC community mock draft has gone off with hardly a hitch for this past week. We've made it through the first half of the first round and so far, the picks have been intelligent, well-thought-out and appropriate. I'm not surprised really by any of the picks, until I look at them and realize that quarterbacks aren't flying off the board. With the Jacksonville Jaguars' pick turned in, the only remaining teams who are likely to pick a QB in the first are Jacksonville and the Seahawks, and we've still only had two QBs taken. Hmm... I had previously predicted a massive run on QBs from teams trying to get their guy in the first round because they were afraid guys wouldn't fall far enough. Well, i guess I got that wrong...

It seems to me that my thinking was more based off of what the masses of mockers were clamoring over. Of course teams like the Dolphins or the Vikings would want a QB, and the fans make it known that they would like their team to draft somebody. The thing is, teams obviously think differently than fans, and as much as mockers may not like to think so, the individuals picking for the teams are more knowledgeable about the prospects and less prone to drastic picks. I think what's happened is that I've fallen into listening to the mob mentality, when the truth is that picks will be made by one individual entity: the GM.


I'm surprised I allowed this to happen to me, after all, one of my favorite quotes is what Agent K tells Will Smith in the movie Men In Black: "A person is smart, but people are dumb, panicky animals and you know it." Maybe Christian Ponder will make it to pick 49... I don't know, but I think seeing this community mock draft play out will at least let me think that QBs will not be drafted as early and emphatically as I might have thought last week, and I think we can all cut back on the perceived urgency that comes with getting your QB. If this first round is any indication, the BCC mock draft picks will be made without the knee-jerk, gut calls that come from poll questions and the over-zealous masses.

In short, nice job picking guys. It's been enjoyable, fun, and given some legitimate insight into teams most of us don't know everything about.