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2011 NFL Draft: Grading the Division - Tennessee Titans

Instead of running down a list of worthless draft grades for every team and compare how the Jacksonville Jaguars did to them, I thought it be prudent to take a look at how the rest of the AFC South did in the 2011 NFL Draft. Afterall, we'll see each of these teams twice every season, so we should probably pay attention to who they pick up.

Tennessee Titans

1st Round, 8th Overall - Jake Locker, QB, Washington - The Titans were one of many teams who needed a quarterback and were reportedly high on Locker. Taking Jake Locker with Blaine Gabbert on the board however is a bit of an eyebrow raiser to me.

2nd Round, 39th Overall - Akeem Ayers, LB, UCLA - While the Titans defense was pretty good as is, they were in dire need of youth at the linebacker position. Ayers to me fits more in a 3-4 defense, but he can probably play strongside in a 4-3 scheme. Look for him to be used to rush the passer.

3rd Round, 77th Overall - Jurrell Casey, DT, USC - The Titans continued to load up on the defense trying to bolster their defensive line who's been missing something on the interior since Albert Haynesworth left. Casey is a nice value pick here who should push for a starting job right away.

4th Round, 109th Overall - Colin McCarthy, LB, Miami(FL) - I cringed when the Titans made this pick because I think he's a plug and play linebacker immediately in the middle of their 4-3 defense. McCarthy is a tackle machine who should be able to contribute right away on a team who needs linebackers.

4th Round, 130th Overall - Jamie Harper, RB, Clemson - This pick was a bit of a surprise to me because I like the backs on the Titans. Harper is a nice big back however who can compliment Chris Johnson's speed game with some power. Harper can also catch out of the backfield.

5th Round, 142nd Overall - Karl Klug, DL, Iowa - Klug is an interesting defensive lineman, but this is higher than I expected him to go and I'm not sure where he'll fit on the Titans defense. He's a bit small to be a defensive tackle but I'm not sure he's explosive enough to play defensive end.

6th Round, 175th Overall - Byron Stingley, OT, Louisville - I don't know a lot about Stingley aside from he's a big guy who had some nice private workouts, including one with the Jaguars two weeks ago.

7th Round, 212th Overall - Zach Clayton, DT, Auburn - The other Auburn defensive tackle that was overshadowed by Nick Fairley. The Titans defensive line coach was once on the Auburn staff, so they know what they're getting.

7th Round, 251st Overall - Tommie Campbell, DB, California (PA) - I don't know much of anything about Campbell, but he has some great size for the safety position. I'm assuming he's drafted to get a look at safety.

Analysis: The Titans addressed some needs and got some value picks in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round. The pick of Locker was still a bit of a surprise to me because the fact Blaine Gabbert was on the board, but he'll likely set this draft as good or bad.

Grade: B-