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2011 NFL Draft: Undrafted Free Agents Jaguars Could Target

Unlike after most drafts, Sunday is filled with reports of undrafted free agents signing with various teams and all of us trying to peg which one is the "sleeper" undrafted guy. This year unfortunately, because a temporary stay of the lockout was granted, free agents are sitting around just waiting. It stinks for two reasons. First it stinks because of all of these guys work their tail off knowing they're likely going undrafted and they can't get rewarded for all that hard work just yet. Secondly, it's typically a huge traffic day... but that's a selfish reason.

Anyways, who are some undrafted free agents the Jaguars could target?

Here's a list of guys I could see the Jacksonville Jaguars targeting once free agency goes live, and UDFA's are allowed to sign.


Lester Jean, WR, FAU - While the Jaguars drafted Cecil Shorts III, they still don't really have that "possession" wide receiver. Jean is a bit raw, but fits that mold.

Terrance Toliver, WR, LSU - Like Jean, he's also a bigger bodied wide receiver the Jaguars need to add to their group. I was surprised he didn't get his name called on Saturday.

David Mims, OT, Mount Union - Mims is a gigantic man playing offensive tackle. He needs some refinement, but he's got all the tools to eventually become a dominant starting right tackle in the NFL.

Tyler Beiler, WR, Bridgewater - Beiler is an ultra productive receiver out of Division III just like Cecil Shorts. He'd add competition to a group that's still somewhat of a question mark.

Adam Froman, QB, Louisville - I was surprised Froman didn't get drafted, but he's a nice guy to bring into camp to try to stash as a developmental quarterback. He's athletic and has a ton of tools to work with.


Ryan Jones, DB, NWMSU - Jones is an athletic versatile defensive back that the Jaguars showed interest in. He can play corner, nickel, and potentially safety.

Keith Darbut, DE/LB, Baldwin-Wallace - Darbut is an extremely productive and explosive pass rusher who's drawn comparisons to Jason Taylor.

Nick Bellore, LB, CMU - Bellore is an inside backer "thumper", and the Jaguars have some gaping holes at the linebacker position.

Brian Duncan, LB, Texas Tech - Duncan is a versatile linebacker who's played inside, outside, and as a defensive end. His best fit is probably to a 3-4 teams, but he's a guy who can play all over the place and should contribute on special teams.

Mario Harvey, LB, Marshall - I was shocked Harvey wasn't draft for his sheer athleticism. He's a physical freak who was insanely productive at Marshall. He's definitely worth a look on a team who's hurting for linebackers.

Mana Silva, S, Hawaii - Silva was a very productive safety in Hawaii and came in for a late visit for the Jaguars two weeks ago. Safety like linebacker is an area of concern for the Jaguars.

One name I'm sure everyone will see missing is Boston College linebacker Mark Herzlich. I hate to be that guy, but he wasn't drafted for a reason. Teams don't feel like he's ready to play. While his story is remarkable, it's highly unlikely he'll make it in the NFL. He's just not there yet, physically. It was obvious watching Senior Bowl practices that he didn't belong there. He was flat out terrible. I hope a team gives him a chance, as it would be wonderful PR, I just don't think it will work out.