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Ticket Sales Update

If news was slow before the draft, it's moving about as much as a dead horse right now. I looked at the fuel gauge today on to check up on how the ticket sales are progressing. There's a lot of time between now, and the first day of the regular season, and the Jaguars need to sell 19,183 tickets to avoid a blackout for the first game of the pre-season.

In all reality, Wayne Weaver could very possibly buy up any tickets for the pre-season games, but that's not important right now. I just read on the National Football Post that most people in Minnesota oppose using public funds to build a new stadium. What's that mean for Jacksonville?

If the Vikings can't get a new stadium deal done, it is likely that they would begin the process of looking for an alternative. Yes, I'm talking about L.A. For the moment, it would appear that the front runner for moving to the west coast is no longer Jacksonville.

The Jaguars have committed to transparency within the organization. ESPN just did a power ranking list of the best NFL owners, and Wayne Weaver wasn't on the list. The list is awful. Weaver has made some mistakes, but it's hard for me to keep him out of the top 10 best owners list. Wayne Weaver is committed to Jacksonville. Let's keep the blackout monkey off our backs, and get this thing done.