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Top 10 Draft Busts of All Time

It's Thursday, and I thought it would be appropriate to do another list. Today, we'll take a look at the top 10 draft busts of all time. As always, this is my list. Unlike my usual top 10 list, I think most of you will agree with the top pick. This list doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the Jaguars. I just wanted to put something entertaining together, and this list is always very popular. Let's get to it.

We'll continue with descending order, you know, for dramatic affect.

10. Bruce Pickens, CB, Atlanta Falcons, 3rd overall - 5 seasons with the Falcons and just 2 interceptions. That is how you spell B-U-S-T.

9. Heath Shuler, QB, Washington Redskins, 3rd overall - When you're beat out by 7th round pick Gus Frerotte, you might want to rethink your career path.

8. Mike Williams, WR, Detroit Lions, 10th overall - Shocker. A former Lions player made this list. Williams was one of those athletic freaks that never put it together on the field for the Lions.

7. Tim Couch, QB, Cleveland Browns, 1st overall - You don't draft a quarterback with the 1st pick of a draft to be mediocre at best. That's not the way to build a franchise.

6. Charles Rogers, WR, Detroit Lions, 2nd overall - Rogers was the definition of athletic. Unfortunately, he couldn't get out of his own way, and he is no longer in the NFL.

5. Lawrence Phillips, RB, St. Louis Rams, 6th overall - He lasted just 25 games with the Rams before being released for "insubordination." It's okay though. The Rams later acquired a guy named Marshall Faulk.

4. Akili Smith, QB, Cincinnati Bengals, 3rd overall - I can't blame Smith for an awful career, at least not fully. He did play for the Bengals.

3. Tony Mandarich, OT, Green Bay Packers, 2nd overall - Mandarich was an athletic freak, but his insane amount of strength never translated to the pro game, and he lost a load of weight once he entered the draft. The Packers drafted Mandarich one pick before Barry Sanders. Just think about what could have been.

2. Ryan Leaf, QB, San Diego (Super) Chargers, 2nd overall - How much fun would it have been if the Colts had drafted Leaf. Manning would probably have three or four Super Bowl rings, and the Jaguars would have been the team to beat in the AFC South from 2004 - 2007.

1. JaMarcus Russel, QB, Oakland Raiders, 1st overall - Russel brought a questionable work ethic to the pros, and the Raiders have been paying for it ever since. He was the climax of terrible drafting by the Raiders in the 2000's.