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Daily Links - May 15

In the offseason weall know that the news can come a little bit slow but here on BCC we will try and provide a daily link dump so continue on after the jump to get your Jaguar fix for the day.

Golf helping NFL coach get over lockout woes: Local Knowledge: Golf Digest
Even amid a growing crowd on Sunday at the Players, Jack Del Rio couldn't help but stand out. Jaguars Pressing Questions- Offense
The Jaguars will have several questions as they approach this next step of the offseason. We are going to examine some of those uncertainties and try to shed some light.

Gabbert to Jaguars makes sense - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
The Jaguars' draft pick of QB Blaine Gabbert raised some eyebrows, but it makes more sense that one might think. 

Shorts keeps ascending "When you’re really good, you don’t have to talk about it" -
As Larry Kehres saw it, Cecil Shorts pretty much had it all.  Kehres, who coached the Jaguars' newest wide receiver the past four years at Mount Union (Pa.) College, said when it came to the position's most important attribute, Shorts pretty much arrived ready-made four seasons ago.